Premise vs. Cloud

Ambit Solutions can deliver either a Premise or Cloud based PBX solution. The main question asked is "what's the difference?" Feature wise, there are no differences in either platform. It is more important to understand the difference between our Cloud solution and the competitors. There are literally hundreds of Cloud based VoIP vendors on the market. You see them on television all the time (Charter, AT&T, etc.) They all have one common element; they are priced per extension or user. For younger people this is the same exact way the Bell Telephone companies use to price CENTREX lines. CENTREX was basically a hosted PBX and the customer paid for each handset. Let's assume you have 25 employees. How many of them are on the phone at the same time at any given point in the day? All 25? Never! So why would you pay a fee for each person in your organization to be on the phone every minute of every day?

Ambit's tagline is "Connecting you to savings."

The game always played in communications companies is "over subscription." Ambit believes you should get the savings of over subscription versus the vendor. Other vendors are banking (literally) on the fact that you are paying for 100% usage but only using 25% - 40%. So what makes Ambit's Cloud solution different? Simple, Ambit charges for the virtual PBX server only, you can have as many extensions as you want hanging off the PBX server. So let's assume you have 25 employees and you determine only six are on the phone at one time; you are paying for a PBX server and 6 voice channels. Here is a table that shows the difference based on different users counts.  As you can see, the larger the user base the greater the savings.

 * Prices are estimates based on standard features.